Welcome to Coastal Plains Environmental Group.    We were established in 2000, and the company specializes in the maintenance of alternative onsite sewage disposal systems.  Due to the number of systems that have been placed under contract with my firm, we are currently not accepting any new clients for soils consultation or design work.  Coastal Plains Environmental Group is now solely devoted to the maintenance of Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems.

          Our company is licensed to maintain conventional onsite wastewater treatment systems, and all alternative onsite wastewater treatment systems for single family residential and small businesses, up to 10,000 gallons per day.  We currently are manufacturer certified to maintain fourteen different alternative treatment systems, and are acting as the primary service provider and trainer for the Hoot Aerobic Treatment System.  We are also working on a project to rehabilitate a number of older sand filters, and high rate sand filters that have been neglected for a number of years.

          Coastal Plains Environmental Group maintains alternative onsite wastewater treatment systems in a large area of Virginia (33 counties).  We generally travel from Fredericksburg VA, south to the North Carolina line, and from Charlottesville to Virginia Beach.

          Yeah, the website and Email are back up ... huge thank you to PC Training and Consulting of New Kent County for their assistance.

          Trapper Davis, owner and founder of Coastal Plains Environmental Group is a former regulator with the Virginia Department of Health.  He served three years as an elected member to the Board of Directors for the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA), representing the service provider community.  Mr. Davis also served for nine years on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, the state affiliate of NOWRA, as well as several committees for the Commonwealth of Virginia and Maryland, including the steering committee for the new Virginia Onsite Training Center, located on Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia.

          In 2007, Trapper was appointed by Governor Kaine to the Department of Professional and Occupational Registration, to the Waterworks and Wastewater Works Operators and Sewage System Professional Board representing the service provider community. On that Board Trapper participated in writing the new licensing rules for the onsite wastewater service industry in Virginia. In 2012, Trapper was again appointed to the WWOOSSP Board by Governer McDonald.

          New rules regarding the required maintenance of alternative onsite wastewater treatment system and licensing of Onsite system evaluators, Installers and Operators were placed into effect on July 1, 2009.    The rules governing maintenance have been developed by the Virginia Department of Health, and went into effect December 2011. Basically anyone who buys a structure with an alternative onsite wastewater system on the property will have to have a licensed onsite system operator under contract to maintain the system.    We will post more information and set up a link explaining the rules when they have been finalized.

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